How To Inspect Your Roof After A Storm

We had a storm…. now what?

Weather events range in severity and can cause both major and minor damage, sometimes, homeowners can easily see the damage, while other times, the damage is not as obvious. After a big weather event, it’s crucial to have your property thoroughly inspected by a professional to check for damage. Oftentimes a roof can appear in good condition from the ground, but upon closer inspection of the roof, we may find significant damage. Evolve Roofing and Siding has two ways we can do your property inspection – either by physically getting on the roof and doing our inspection or by using a drone to take detailed pictures of the property. Find out more about why we recommend drone inspections -link?


The Ohio Department of Insurance created a “Severe Weather Toolkit.” This can be found at


This list is extremely valuable to homeowners as they start to navigate the claims process if their home has damage. We highly recommend checking out what they recommend.


How does Evolve Roofing and Siding assist in this process?


After our initial inspection, we will create a very detailed photo report showing the damage sustained to the property. (If you have no damage, we will create a report showing evidence of the property being in good condition.) After you have received the photo report, this can be sent to your insurance company to document the initial damage sustained to the property. Once the homeowner is aware that damage has been sustained, the insurance company, as well as the state of Ohio, recommends filing your claim immediately. If you have a risk of active leaking, an emergency repair is recommended to prevent more damage. Should you need an emergency repair we will recommend this for you and can complete that for you.


From here, your insurance company will send out a representative and inspect the property again for damage. The insurance company will make their determination on the next steps – if a homeowner has storm damage, they will include an estimate to complete the work to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. The claims process can sometimes be unique to each situation as the scope of work, amount of damage and affected items can greatly vary. Oftentimes the insurance will ask us, the contractor, to help with an estimate or to gather additional information that they may need. We are readily available to work with the insurance to help with the process as needed. After the insurance has sent their scope of work, we are hired by the homeowner to complete the repairs as stated by the insurance. The homeowner also has the option to pay retail for any additional upgrades or services they may wish to add. After work has been completed we supply the homeowner with another photo report, showing the completed project, as well as the certificate of completion to be given to the insurance company.


We realize that the claims process might be a stressful event for homeowners. Major and minor storms can come out of nowhere and wreak havoc on our properties and our peace of mind. They can leave paths of destruction as they pass through different cities. We come alongside homeowners in central Ohio as they navigate an insurance emergency and work to restore their property. We strive to make this as simple and stress-free as possible for our homeowners. Should you have to file a claim for insurance damage, we would love to be the contractor you choose to partner with to restore your home. 

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